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Pick a shape such as oval/circle, rectangle/square or any other shape and I can photo fill it. Using a laser guided cutter, images and text are precisely traced and cut out then heat transferred to the fabric.
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Show support for your favorite College with a customized T-shirt. Additional artwork or messaging can be added as you wish.
Show support for your local High School with a customized T-shirt. Additional artwork or messaging can be added as you wish.
Children and Adults love their favorite cartoon characters. Additional artwork or messaging can be added as you wish.
Super hero's are fun. Use your imagination and make this your gift. Additional artwork or messaging can be added as you wish.
Image/Text transfers to fabric & substrates:
Silk Screen: This is a traditional method of transferring ink to fabric and due to the process itself there are advantages and disadvantages. An advantage is achieving very vibrant colors especially using text and solid shapes and it is very durable when machine washing. Disadvantage: Each color is an ink transfer and the best results are generally obtained using fewer than six colors per print. This also creates issues regarding alignment as each ink pigment is a separate ink transfer layered over another. This requires skills and labor. To make the printing and set-up costs cost-effective it is best used with high volume production. 
Sublimation and Direct Garment Printing: These have become a popular methods of ink transfer especially for small runs 1-10 garments. It offers excellent image transfer as in photographic image transfer. High end printers can apply ink directly to the garment similar to a copy machine applying ink to paper. Standard sublimation usually involves printing the artwork out on special image transfer paper and then heat pressing the image to the garment. The heat from the heat press vaporizes the ink which is then absorbed into the fabric. Limitations are: Sublimation works best with synthetics such as polyester and only works with cottons if the material is treated with a bonding agent beforehand, or if the artwork is printed on a special paper for transfer. You cannot sublimate white. If white is needed it must be printed on another special paper that uses white pigment as its base color. Sublimation is not as machine washable or durable as Silk Screening is. Sublimation works on substrates such as porcelain. Beautiful image transfers can be had for coffee cups, dinner plates, and stainless steel products.
Combination Silk Screen & Sublimation Print: Design by Anzhelika uses a combination process to marry the best of all ink transfer processes together. For example a Company Shirt design can be made silk screened in advance and then, as necessary, sublimation artwork and messaging can be added for special events later. This takes advantage of both processes.
General Pricing:
One sided T-shirt Silk Screen Printing Solid Text or shape (front or back) 2 color $19.95.
Add: $6.00 for each additional color.
Add: $8.00 for each sublimated HD image.
Minimum quantity - 20 shirts (mix and match fabric colors and size.)
Discounts for bulk pricing available (ask for quotes).
One sided sublimated, text, image, and logo (including 50/50 T-shirt) = $19.95 
Sublimated front $9.95
Added to pre-printed company shirt 
Silk Screen back $19.95
includes 50/50 T-shirt